Hair cutting games

Hairstyle games

Hair dresser games


Gold Hair Games. Would you like to be prettier about your hair? Do you want to learn how to prepare different
hairstyles? Do you want to know how to use a pair of scissors, brush, hair irons, or hair dyes of different colors?
Or do you want to play funny games with hair dressers? Choose a game in the side menu or from the pictures.


Barbie cooking games

Pizza cooking

Pizza cooking

Animal cookies - cooking and decoration

Animal cookies

Home made ice cream cooking

Home made ice cream

Super Hero Cooking Contest

Super Hero

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Sandwich Cake

Princess Burger Game


Online restaurant game


Crazy Pizza

Crazy Pizza

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Day Routine

Day Routine

Cooking After

Cooking After

Little Chef

Little Chef

It's so easy to bake with Mommy! With her, all the cakes will be fine and yummy.

Barbie Strawberry Cheesecake


We made a shopping list, whick contains what we will have for the strawberry cake.

Cake Decorating Tips


The cake decorating is an individual job!

Raspberry cake


Raspberry spongecake with lots of whipped cream.

Lovely Cake

Lovely Cake

Easy cookie baking. We have all the ingredients.

Lovely Breakfast Pancakes Recipe


Pankcake for breakfast? Of course.

Ice Cream Cookies


You can make amazing cakes with a few click, by 2 minutes.

How To Make Healthy Homemade Chocolate


The homemade chocolate is better than you can buy in the shops. Let's have a try.

Fairy Restaurant


Every fairy come to this restaurant to having lunch and dinner.

Classic chocolate cupcakes


Chocolate cupcakes recipes by step by step.



These burgers are different than the burgers that you buy in the McDonald's.

Valentine's Day Chocolate Desserts


Brownie is cannot get boring. Are you coming to bake one?

Quick and easy fruit cake


Yummy fruit cake, with a lots of kinds of fruits.

Cake Decorating Techniques


Cake decorating trick for girls.

Peach Pie recipe

Peach Pie

Today we are going to bake a peach cake.

Chocolate Cake


Let's bake an easy and quick chocolate cake.

Heart Cake

Heart Cake

Let's make a heart shaped cake for Valentine's Day.

Valentin Cake

Valentin Cake

Three layered jummy dessert. Sure, everybody gonna have a slice from this cake.

Eggs with bacon recipe

eggs recipe

Mmm....who doesn't like bacon and eggs? But did you know how easy to make it yourself?

Banana puding

Banana puding

Pudding is a desserts that's very easy and fast to make, it's very tasty, especially if you serve it with banana and blueberries.

Birthday cake online game

Birthday cake

Best birthday cake is a three layer cake. Use the arrows to decorate each layer.

Making Ice Cream

Making Ice Cream

Making ice cream at home is a real advanture, because homemade food is the best, right?

Pizza Milano

Pizza Milano

Special italian pizza from Milan. Tasty prosciutto and fresh mushroom with tons of cheese. Best served hot.

Vegetable and Green Salad Recipes


Fresh salad is very healthy, especially if we prepare it in various ways.

Barbie Familie cooking game


Delicious pie with summer berries fresh from the oven, looks good and easy to make.

How to Bake and Decorate a Cake


Baking cakes is always fun, especially if all the ingredients are prepared and we can jump right in

Easy Greek Pizza Recipe

Greek Pizza

Have you heard of greek pizza? No? Then it's time to get to know the delicious ingredients the Greeks use.

Strawberry Cake

Strawberry Cake

Strawberry cake, looks good, right? Unfortunately it's not possible to taste it.

Party service game

Party service

Let's found a party service company. We provide the ingredients, you prepare the cold cuts and the sandwiches.

Pizza maker - baby Barbie

Pizza maker

Making delicious pizza in 7 steps. First step is to prepare the ingredients.

Cake shop

Cake shop

Let's bake delicious fruit cakes together. Which one do you think we should make?

How to cook perfect lasagne

perfect lasagne

No wonder why Garfield likes lasagna the best - it's a very delicious food.

Sandwiches diner

Sandwiches diner

It is not easy to find out how hot or how cold customers like their sandwiches. Using a microwave oven it is not easy to set the appropriate temperature.

Birthday cake recipe


If it wasn't for birthdays, most bakeries would have to be closed for good. But fortunately they exist!

Donuts maker online game


This game will teach you how to make a mini donout. The first thing you have to do is collect the ingredients from the shelves.

Barbie cake making


Make a cake in a few minutes! You don't even have to bake it, only decorate it.

Untidy kitchen

Untidy kitchen

Oh my God, my husband and my kids will be here in a minute to have breakfast, and the kitchen is so messy, and I also have to set the table!

Barbie breakfast


Barbie got up very early today to prepare a very special breakfast for Ken.

Yummy Brownies

Yummy Brownies

Yes, you have to be careful with sweets, especially cookies and ice cream, but sometimes it's OK to bake a delicious cookie.

How to make donuts


It is very easy to make donuts but they are very delicious. Of course you shouldn't overeat them, because if you eat donuts every morning you will end up fat.

Chocolate-Banana Split Dessert


Sometimes a little candy feels good, how about you help make them. It is easy and great fun.

Barbie hamburger shop

hamburger shop

Hamburgers are very delicious and great food as you can eat them while walking.

Peparing sanwich


Well, peparing a sanwich is really not a big deal. But if you want to make one that leaves your friend breathless then it's hight time you started to pick up some knowledge in cooking.

Help Barbie cook


Have you ever prepared tomato pie? You never heard about it? It's high time you get started with cooking this really easy but perfet dish.

Barbie chef game - chili food

chili food

Are you looking for some quick and stodgy dish? What about chili con carne? It is a very good choice if you like spicy, hot, national cuisine.

Italian Pizza - Barbie cooking game

Italian Pizza

It's really not enough to be attractive. Being good at cooking is useful too and a very good combination indeed. Can you help Barbie making pizza?

Dress up the chef!


Barbie cooks always tasty dishes. She is the chef, so dress up Barbie!

Barbie Burger cooking game


Barbie works now in a Burger Restaurant. Make the foods for the guests quickly!

Barbie's Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake

Sandwich baker

Sandwich baker

Sandwich game


Bake Time

Bake Time

Burger shop game for kids

Burger shop

Pancake bar

Pancake bar

Simple Recipes

Simple Recipes

Creamy Ice

Creamy Ice

Best Anniversary

Best Anniversary

Princesses Tea Afternoon

Tea Afternoon

Yummy Donuts

Yummy Donuts

A lot of strawberries have grown in the garden. Let's make strawberry douts!

Elsa's Restaurant 3

Elsa's Restaurant

Crispy and tasty shandwiches, ande fine drinks. These are the secret of a good buffet.

Homemade Doughnuts


Bake unique flavoring homemade donuts.

Start cooking


Let's bake something! Look at the top to know what to do.

Soup Shop


In Sally's shop, the soups are so delicious.

Easy Omelet


We make this omlette in Denver. It'll be tastyt, try it out with your mom.

Play free Burger Game


Let's make hamburgers. Cook the meat, then the sauce can come and the veggies.

Sandwich Shop


What a sandwich bar! No wonder that everybody is eating here.

Fast Food Restaurant game

Fast Food

There is a big traffic here, but the food is the best here in the city.

Ice Cream Games for Girls

Ice Cream

Magical icecream cups with a loads of toppings.

Chicken food


Easy chicken meal. It's also tasty.

Hazelnut Torte


Makeing a hazelnut cake is easy. The dough have already done, now it is your turn.

Delight Cake


A slice of cake, but what a rich variety.

Homemade Blueberry Pie Recipe


There are not so many better things than a freshly baked pie.

Instant noodles


If you have too cook something quick, but tasty, the pasta is the best choice.

Chili Hotdogs


Let's make a special hotdog. We use a lots of cheese and some chili flakes too.

Blueberry Cake Recipe


Bluberry pie in free easy steps. Shopping, prepearing, decorating.

Fast Food - serving game


Fast food restaurant next to the school. Mmm......jummy foods.

Homemade pizza party

Homemade pizza

Don't order a pizza for dinner, let's bake it!

Real cooking with Super Barbie

Real cooking

If you cook with Super Barbie you won't spoil the food.

Pizza Puffs maker

Pizza Puffs

Barbie is making a very unique pizza speciality, that's not even close to the original, only the taste is the same.

Cookie making day

Cookie making day

Today is the cookie making day. We have one cookie making day every month with Mom, so I will know 12 cookie recipes by the end of the year.

Donut Decorations

Donut Decorations

Doughnuts are perfect desserts, they come in many different flavours, serving with fruits makes them a great sweet treat.

Pizza decoration game


The pizza dough is ready, we prepared different toppings in separate bowls, create your very own pizza!

How To Make the Best Burgers

Best Burgers

A little hamburger know how guide, look how easy and delicious the result is.

Yummy Home made Ice Cream


Ice cream is the best dessert in the heat, everyone loves it.

Homemade Ice Cream: Quick, Easy

Quick, Easy

Homemade ice cream is a lot cheaper and tastier than the one you buy at the supermarket

Barbie cupcake maker


First step of baking a cake is to prepare the ingredients.

Pizza Bakery


Barbie does not only love to eat pizza, she is also great at baking it.

Barbie Sicilian Pizza

Sicilian Pizza

Italy is the home of pizza, let's see how to make an original italian pizza

Homemade icecream

Homemade icecream

Have you ever made homemade ice cream? Not yet? Look, how easy it is!

Food memory games for girls

Food memory

Test you memory: find the matching cards as quickly as you can.

Find 15 differences


Three girls are baking cookies; there are 15 tiny differences between the two pictures below each other - will you find all of them?

Burger making game


Come with us, and learn how to prepare the world's most delicious sandwiches!

Wedding cake 2015

Wedding cake 2015

A 3-story wedding cake with rose patterns and beautiful decorations.

Rapunzel cooking game


Home-made chocolate is like nothing else. You should try to make some, too!

Cupcake decoration online game

Cupcake decoration

These mini cakes are so cute, and there are so many decoration options.

Cheesecake sweety

Cheesecake sweety

You have to taste this! OK, now you can only prepare it, but when you've prepared it in the game, you can also try it at home with some help from your mother.

Kitchen cleaning games with Barbie

Kitchen cleaning

When Barbie stepped into the kitchen, she was speechless for a minute. Then she finally get to cleaning up this incredible mess.

Blonde girl washing dishes

washing dishes

Oh, dishwashing - not one of your favorite activities is it? Anyway it must be done, the dirty dishes can't pile up in the kitchen.

Super restaurant

Super restaurant

This restaurant is highly praised, now you can try what their food really tastes like.

How to Make a Perfect Burger


Hamburger, french fries and cola are not the healthiest of foods, but you can maybe eat them a few times a month.

Online cookery book

cookery book

Barbi has opened her latest candy-shop but she is totally surprised as there are many customers there. Try to serve all the customers and if you get blocked just check in the cookery book.

Culinary game


Online culinary school. If you want to give a try to the art of baking do not miss this chance! Barbie will surely help you!

Ken's favorite grill - Barbie cook


Are you interested in how to prepare roast beef? Join Barbie and learn all the secrets of good cooking.

Barbie in the kitchen


Barbie is going to throw a birthday party tomorrow and she decided to bake the cake today so all she will have to do tomorrow is decorating, dressing up and welcoming her guests.

Yummy ice cream


Cold and sweet. You know already what it is, right? Barbie has to prepare some fancy sundaes. Do you feel like joining her?.

Cake baking


Would you like to now how to make an amazing cake? Ask Barbie, she will tell you!

Cupcake for Barbie


If you like cupcakes, come on and make glittery cupcakes for Barbie.

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